Mensch und Tier im Revier
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People and animals in the area

The relationship between humans and animals
Copyright: Ruhr Museum, Gestaltung: Uwe Loesch
July 8, 2019 - August 16, 2020
Ruhr Museum
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The relationship between humans and animals is a history of power spanning thousands of years. In this regard, animals play a subordinate, passive role. Killing animals, using animals, loving animals, organizing animals and interpreting animals - in five sections the special exhibition thematizes the diverse relationships between humans and animals in the Ruhr area.

Over 100 selected objects - from the arrowhead from the Stone Age to the "Honorary Award for the best udder" for goat breeders from the present as well as well over 100 photo and film examples - make the constantly changing relationship clear. In view of the mass production of meat and the destruction of natural habitats, the current ethical debate requires a rethink. In this "animal turn" the animals should be given an upgraded, more active position - also for the benefit of humans. Because never before have animals been exploited so immeasurably and yet so highly valued.

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