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A major overview of the great German artist’s oeuvre
October 3, 2019 - January 13, 2020
Neue Galerie
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In October 2019, Neue Galerie New York will debut “Ernst Ludwig Kirchner,” a major overview of the great German artist’s oeuvre. The presentation will span from 1907 to 1937, presenting several distinct phases associated with the primary cities where he lived and worked: Dresden, Berlin, and Davos. This exhibition is unprecedented in its focus on Kirchner’s revolutionary style, which evolved in relation to his subjects and changing circumstances. Arguably the most outstanding German artist of the early twentieth century, Kirchner occupies a special position in the Neue Galerie collection, and this exhibition pays tribute to his inventive genius. The show will concentrate on Kirchner’s use of color, demonstrating the exciting dialogue that exists between his works in different media. Far from accepting the traditional hierarchy that placed fine art at the pinnacle of an artist’s achievement, Kirchner compared his activity in these various fields to “a tightly woven, organic fabric, in which process and completion go hand in hand and one aspect drives the other on.” The presentation will unite paintings, decorative works, drawings, and prints, and is comprised of loans from public and private collections worldwide.

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