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South America is entering the museum!
Special exhibition until November 18, 2018
Museum für Naturkunde
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They are colourful and boisterous, intelligent and social, strong yet gentle – this is the picture many of us have of the macaws in South America. However, the popular exotic birds are under severe threat, as more and more of their natural habitat is lost through woodland clearing and the expansion of arable and pasture land.  The exhibition catches the eye of the beholder with spectacular exhibits and an unusual setup, bringing a taste of South America to Berlin. It will also make visitors stop and think. How is the threat to exotic birds and the loss of biodiversity linked to our daily lives and what can we do to make a positive impact? But who would have thought that even the steak on your barbecue has something to do with the survival chances of macaws? The special exhibition highlights one of the challenges of our time: What does sustainable conservation and responsible action mean in a constantly changing globalised world?

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