Tristan – Berlin zeigt Zähne
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Tristan – Berlin bares teeth

The superstar among dinosaurs
Permanent exhibition
Museum für Naturkunde
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The exhibition “Tristan – Berlin bares teeth” takes visitors on an exciting expedition around Tyrannosaurus rex. Tristan Otto, the only original skeleton of a T. rex on display in Europe to date, is the heart and soul of the show. The predatory dinosaur is twelve metres long. Extraordinary media stations and original exhibits tell riveting stories relating to the discovery of - and research on - the illustrious predatory dinosaur from the Upper Cretaceous period. Try the Tristan-App to extend your experience. What questions are scientists trying to answer? What new insights are they hoping for from fossilised bones that are more than 65 million years old? What do the bones tell us about Tristan’s life? The exhibition is an exceptional experiment. The results of the research programme will contribute to the exhibition in years to come and will let visitors take along in this journey. Be part of it.

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