William Forsythe im Museum Folkwang
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William Forsythe at Museum Folkwang

Human beings and their relationship with space
Foto: Tanja Lamers
Starting 5 February 2019
Museum Folkwang
End date
In 2019, artist and choreographer William Forsythe (born 1949) is presenting several projects at Museum Folkwang. The year starts off with the video work City of Abstracts, which will be installed in the foyer of the Museum in February 2019. This interactive video work places human beings and their relationship with space on centre stage. In the museum foyer, visitors find themselves in an eddy of swirling forms. In the site-specific intervention City of Abstracts, their movements are processed and altered in real time by specially developed video software. The visitors are absorbed in a dance of spiralling, elongated and fragmenting bodies. The scene invites audience members to take part in a game between themselves and the computer-generated algorithm, using their own movements. Originally conceived for a public space, this participative work has been exhibited for many years now in major international museums. The work provides a prime example of the dialogue between the visual arts, digital media, installation, sculpture, the moving image, performance art and dance. As a permanent loan, City of Abstracts will be on display at Museum Folkwang for an initial period of five years. As in City of Abstracts, in his three following interventions, William Forsythe crosses the boundaries between artistic media. With his Human Writes Drawings, Forsythe has succeeded in translating his choreographic engagement with human rights into the medium of drawing. A selection of these large-format works on paper will be exhibited in early summer as part of the new collection display. In summer, Forsythe will install the site-specific work Aviariation in one of the museum courtyards, setting the firmly rooted trees in motion. In November, Forsythe presents Acquisition/Körperschaft with two dancers, a work that is at once performative and participatory, and that he is adapting specially for Museum Folkwang. The live project will take place in November as part of ‘100 Years of Bauhaus in the West’. Starting 5 February 2019: City of Abstracts Early summer 2019: Human Writes Drawings Starting 29 June 2019: Aviariation In November 2019: Acquisition/Körperschaft (Performative work in cooperation with PACT Zollverein and ‘100 Jahre Bauhaus im Westen’)

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