Robert Klümpen 
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Robert Klümpen

gut und gern
May 6, 2020 - August 17, 2020
End date
As a master student of Dieter Krieg, Robert Klümpen updates a position that explores the boundaries of painting in the mutual relationship between picture and image, or between the depicted object and the real thing. His exhibition "gut und gern" makes a monumental statement to this idea and at the same time allows us a glimpse into the painter's workshop, like a kitchen.

Eight large formats and simple roof battens make up a simple frame, which is reminiscent of a closed children's carousel, not least because of its step-shaped base. As an octagon, the real body of the picture - titled "Cella" - makes one think of sacred architecture or vessels, such as the chapel of "Madonna in the Ruins", free-standing baptisteries (baptisteries) or ciboriums, those liturgical vessels used to store already consecrated hosts (as exhibited in room 7).

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