Back to the Future
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Back to the Future

The 19th Century in the 21st Century
(c) C/O Berlin
September 29, 2018 - December 02, 2018
C/O Berlin
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Photogravures of the moon’s surface, botanical studies as blue cyanotypes, and Woodburytypes of portraits: the exhibition showcases the work of contemporary artists who are using the techniques, methods, and pro­cesses of the 19th century photography. Taking inspiration from that early photography, the artists work with light, photosensitive material, photographic emul­sion, and chemical processes. These techniques are taken an often-surprising step further as the artists also incorporate new technologies such as computers and 3D printers.

Actually, photography today finds itself in similar conditions to the nineteenth century, when the medium had not yet been concretized and as such remained open for experimentation. Astronomers, mathematicians, physicians, and chemists of the day had recognized the potential of photography and set about researching it with great curiosity and an open mind. Today’s desire to explore the possibilities of photography is in no way restricted with regard to technique, process, and material. The exhibition pairs these works with outstanding pieces from the nineteenth century, creating a dialogue that transcends the bare facts of parallels and correlations by focusing on meaningful associations. This open-minded approach reflects the spirit of visual freedom that unites the pioneers of the nineteenth century and their modern-day counterparts.

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