Bronzen wie Tiere 
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Bronzes like Animals

Heide Dobberkau and her worlds of animals
© Foto: Lutz-Jürgen Lübke (Lübke und Wiedemann)
November 22, 2019 - October 18, 2020
End date
Art has been breathing life into inanimate materials for millennia. In doing so, human beings have created an entire cosmos of animal representations. They reach from naturalistic to abstract depictions. The Renaissance celebrated the models provided by Greek and Roman antiquity, and “the sensitive, living realm of animals” (HD) has since become a recurring theme in the media of art medals. Heide Dobberkau created her worlds of animals not only in the form of bronze medals, but also in small scale sculptures and graphic art. This variety of material and forms enabled her to develop a personal style over decades. To celebrate her 90th birthday, the Münzkabinett is honouring this renowned artist. In the exhibition Bronzes like Animals, Heide Dobberkau’s creations are juxtaposed with creatures from antique coin designs, and enter into a dialogue with contemporary approaches to her oeuvre.

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