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Wayfaring Art
Madeline Winkler-Betzendahl, Ferdinand Möller mit dem Gemälde "Schulhaus" von Paul Klee, Oktober 1949, Schenkung Ferdinand-Möller-Stiftung, Berlin, 2013, © Madeline Winkler-Betzendahl
October 28, 2020 - March 1, 2021
Berlinische Galerie
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“Works of art go wayfaring. That has always been their destiny and will never change.” Almost a century ago in 1926, the Berlin art critic Adolph Donath (1876 – 1937) began his description of provenance research with this profound observation. Usually the scale of this research is hidden from the gaze of visitors to museums. Today it tends to be conducted by collections of modern art (in its narrower sense) in an effort to identify works that were stolen or extracted under duress from Jewish victims of the Nazi regime. The focus here is on who owned the painting, sculpture or drawing before 1945 and what happened to it in the years from 1933.

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