Art Collection Telekom
Contemporary art from Eastern and Southeastern Europe
The collection presents the medial range of contemporary art from drawing to digital installation. The Art Collection Telekom focuses on a few artists to document and collect their work over a longer period of time. The basic prerequisites for the selection of works are a high level of formal, content and aesthetic quality and an open horizon of meaning that promises to develop in content over the years. 

 When building up and expanding the collection, great value is placed on stories and narratives. Thus, the works form an ideal basis for discussions and exchange of ideas and reflect Telekom's self-image: "EXPERIENCE WHAT CONNECTS". 

Contemporary art offers the chance to see the world through different eyes. An adventure that requires the openness and spontaneity to trust one's own thinking. The Art Collection Telekom would like to encourage this.

More about Art Collection Telekom at:
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